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My primary research fields are biogeography and macroecology. I am particularly interested in evolutionary patterns and processes and the dynamics of speciation. I combine computer-based modeling techniques with genetic approaches to unravel how distributional patterns and relationships of organisms end ecological communities have been and will be shaped by climate oscillations and geological processes. My research is closely associated with invasion biology, conservation biology, and evolutionary ecology



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Conservation ecology of turtles and tortoises

Although some chelonian species have been revealed to provide important ecosystem services, e.g. by contributing to seed dispersal and germination, the natural history of most turtles and tortoise species remains unexplored, especially in the tropics. Ecological research investigating thermal ecology, feeding ecology, and movement patterns directly contribute to successful reinforcement, reintroduction, and conservation management. My research focuses on the analyses of movement and habitat use patterns of freshwater turtles and tortoises to understand how they utilize their habitat and how they disperse. Another major aspect of my ecological research is the connectivity between populations, which, combined with knowledge on habitat use, can identify isolated populations with a higher extinction risk and guide the planning of effective conservation areas.

Phylogeography of turtles and tortoises

Phylogeographic research aims at the characterization of the spatial distribution of species or species groups and exploring the historical processes shaping it. By putting genetically distinct units that are genealogically linked through shared ancestors into a spatial context, the biogeographic history of a species or species group provides implications about historical events that have shaped the observed patterns. I apply phylogeographic techniques to detect evolutionary lineages or clusters in widespread tortoise and freshwater turtle species and to subsequently explain the observed distributional patterns. In case of the Southeast Asian Snail-eating turtles of the genus Malayemys this yielded a so far unrecognized species. North American turtle species exhibit patterns of range expansion, contraction, and fragmentation during the Quaternary that are strongly congruent with phylogeographic differentiation. However, my recent research on North-American map turtles of the genus Graptemys revealed only few evolutionary lineages with little genetic diversity and therefore challenges the present inflated taxonomy of this genus.

Species distribution modelling

Species distribution modelling (SDM) is a powerful tool to determine the distribution patterns of species on various spatial and temporal scales. Using occurrence records in combination with biological meaningful environmental predictors, such as bioclimatic variables or remote sensing data, these models are used to characterize the distribution of a species in environmental space, which can then be projected into geographical space. Basic SDM approaches help to identify potentially suitable habitats in order to guide further field exploration and help to assess the effectiveness of protected areas. I also study temporal changes in species’ distributions by projecting these models onto past or future climatic conditions. By implementing future climate change scenarios, we can investigate the impact of climate change e.g. onto global chelonian species richness and distribution or the invasive potential of alien species. Projections of SDMs onto paleoclimatic reconstructions allow to infer historical distribution patterns and to test refugial hypotheses, which eventually can detect past shifts of a species’ distribution and helps to understand how intraspecific divergences have evolved.


Publications in ‘peer-reviewed’ journals

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Selected publications in other journals

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